• Sala de Grados A. ETSI de Informática, el 22/11/2017, 12:30

  • In this presentation we will describe the benefits of real-time
    analytics, specifically complex event processing technology, in
    addressing a number of challenges in digital health applications. We
    will focus on three uses cases. The first use case is a real-time
    detection of unusual or inappropriate laboratory orders, the problem
    which leads to significant and unnecessary costs to many healthcare
    providers. The second use case is the detection of potential data
    quality issues associated with source systems in pathology labs, by
    using a novel idea of applying syndromic surveillance method to the
    legacy clinical data streams, achieved through statistical analysis of
    pathology messages to identify “outliers”. The third use case is about
    supporting clinicians in making timely decisions regarding patient
    care, taking into account a combination of real-time information about
    patient conditions and their existing medical conditions taken from
    electronic health records. We will demonstrate how we used the
    EventSwarm software framework for complex event processing to support
    this real-time analytics and will discuss a number of future research